Jack the Ripper Tool Box

DATED: 14.05.15

Though the identity of the Ripper remains concealed, the details surrounding the killings have become public knowledge. Everything from the names and backgrounds of the victims, to the type of wounds inflicted has been thoroughly investigated over the decades, to provide us with a greater insight into one of the world’s most famous murder cases.

Focusing on the latter discovery, on a number of occasions, the precision and brutality of the injuries has been noted. Mary Ann Nichols, for example, suffered greatly from deep wounds along the neck and abdomen. Other injuries were recorded, such as a bruise on the jaw. However, it is thought she suffered these bruises at the hand of the killer.

So, what could have been tucked away in the Ripper’s tool box? Let’s find out. Want the best Jack the Ripper tour in London? Look no further!

Butchers Knife

A knife perhaps made famous not only for its purpose, but also by its place in cartoons, a butcher’s knife is the largest out of the weapons we will speak about today. Though it may seem a little odd to think the Ripper could have achieved such clean cuts with this type of weapon, the extent of the injuries could arguably justify the butcher’s knife as a possibility. The killings could be described as violent and excessive due to the injuries caused, at the very least.


Significantly smaller than a butcher’s knife, a dagger is another weapon that the Ripper could have possessed. This is mostly due to the extremely sharp nature of the dagger, plus the fact that some victims’ wounds had indicated that the length of the blade must have been at least six inches.


Last but certainly not least, we have the Victorian scalpel. Terrifying in its appearance, this weapon would have been more than capable of the surgical-like wounds inflicted on the Ripper’s victims. Not only is it sharp enough to dig deeper than the surface of the skin, but it also aligns with a Ripper theory that Jack the Ripper was, indeed, a midwife.

These are just three possible weapons that could have been in the Ripper’s tool box. If you’d like to find out more about the Ripper and the victims, why not join us on one of our Jack the Ripper tours in London! You will be taken around the sites where the murders occurred and let into a dark history that shrouds the East End in mystery and intrigue.


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