Jack the Ripper through Pictures

DATED: 15.07.15

The dark tale of Jack the Ripper has been portrayed through a number of media over the years; in publications, documentaries, and even tours of the murder sites in the East End!

But, photographer Vincent Palma appears to have had a very different idea of how the story should be told and even included a twist in his storyboard of photographs.

His immense creativity and stunning shots have wowed all who have seen his ‘Ripped Ripper’ portfolio, and for those who haven’t, they are worth a peek.

Though Palma claims that Sherlock Holmes was among his many inspirations, he felt this character wasn’t quite dark enough for what he wanted to achieve through mesmerising shots and clever Photoshop work.

Palma did, however, use the soundtrack from Sherlock Holmes to help his models get into character, and help him capture the action.

The photographs taken not only depict the infamous killings of Jack the Ripper, but a dark twist in which the Ripper himself is slain by a character, who is equally mysterious.

Self-trained Vincent Palma’s incredible shots are sure to have had a few heads turning, not to mention several minds buzzing as to whom the Ripper really was.

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