Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims

DATED: 09.08.16

Jack the Ripper is arguably one of the most prolific serial killer cases of all time, and although he was never captured and tried for his crimes, there isn’t a soul alive that wouldn’t agree that the crimes committed against his victims were heinous and abominable.

There was very little evidence collected during the course of the investigations of the Ripper crimes back in 1888, leaving the police baffled as to the identity of this gruesome killer.

There have been many theories circulated over the years as to how the Jack the Rippers victims came to be just that; unfortunate victims of his unsolicited rage across the East End of London.

While the theories as to who the Ripper was have failed to come to fruition thanks to a lack of physical evidence and the passing of time, there is one that many agree on – Jack the Ripper stalked his victims.

Let’s review the facts.

The Jack the Ripper victims were all known prostitutes. They willingly walked the streets looking for their customers to get them through another day. They were all working when they went missing and were subsequently murdered.

Now, this could easily be written off as a coincidence. These ladies of the night were simply an easy target for the Ripper to prey on and were actively seeking out the time and money of any stranger. They would have wandered off down a dark alleyway without a second thought, which made them ripe for the picking.

However, the victims all had something else in common, too.

They all lived within a very small area of Whitechapel and the East End of London. They all had problems with alcohol and were quite estranged from their families. There is every possibility that they will have come into contact with the Ripper prior to their respective deaths. Could it be that he stalked his victims, knew their routes, habits, and routines? Could it be that these murders were pre-meditated, his victims pre-selected?

There is every possibility that this could be true – with just the one anomaly.

On the night of 30th September 1888, the Double Event took place. Both victims died, but the first wasn’t severely mutilated as per his usual MO, leading theorists to believe that the Ripper was disturbed and fled the scene, culminating in the death of another innocent life within the hour.

With no prime suspect ever named, the killer disappeared into the night never to be seen again, shortly after his final victim’s life was claimed in November of the same year.

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