Jack the Ripper Never Existed! Trevor Marriott Claims

DATED: 24.01.14

The notorious Jack the Ripper is no stranger to fame. Intentionally or not, you will have read about him in books, heard about him on film or television and you may have even learnt more of the man and his murders on one of London’s Jack the Ripper walks. Mystery and terror have surrounded Jack the Ripper for over a century with people the world over haunted by the thought of him. All these years on, people are still fascinated by the butcher with no face, no real name and no record of ever being caught or punished for his crimes. Yet this killer spread fear and paranoia throughout Victorian London and has since inspired more than 300 books, at least half a dozen movies and countless other pop culture phenomena. People cannot help but be drawn in by his reputation and notoriety but what if they found out the Ripper never actually existed? It seems impossible that such an urban legend could be nothing more than an over-inflated figment of someone’s imagination but that is the new theory taking the Ripper’s world by storm.

According to a recent report by historical crime detective Trevor Marriott, the enigmatic figure who sparked a ferocious nineteenth century manhunt and intrigued the world for more than a century wasn’t real. Marriott claims:

Trevor Marriott, who is a former homicide detective with Bedfordshire Police, has caught the whole world off-guard with his claims. It is almost impossible to believe the suggestion that Jack the Ripper – a historical figure in his own right these days – was a ruse. However, you will have to make up your own mind on the situation by considering all the facts and theories. Why not go on a Jack the Ripper tour to explore more of the man and his shadowy Victorian world? That way you can decide whether or not you agree with Marriott that “there just isn’t a Jack The Ripper as such.”


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