Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill…

DATED: 04.11.15

The mystery of Jack the Ripper continues, and for almost 130 years it has baffled investigators and historians alike, as they constantly ask themselves,  who was Jack the Ripper? 

The murders took place in Whitechapel during the autumn of 1888, and over the years many theories have surfaced, alonwith more than 100 suspects. But there are some theories in particular that are certainly worth thinking about.

There was a piece of evidence, found next to Ripper victim Catherine Eddowes, that has proved to be quite important in recent years. The shawl, which belonged to the victim, was tested and Mitochondrial DNA was found; DNA which could indicate that a Polish barber and mental patient, known as Aaron Kosminski, could in fact be

Jack the Ripper                           

The next suspect is H.H. Holmes, who was a Doctor, hotel owner and more importantly, a verified serial killer. The primary evidence to support this theory is the fact that Holmes was a known murderer, but where he comes from remains a mystery. A computer sketch was created using testimonies from witnesses, and the sketch does form some sort of resemblance to America’s first known serial killer, Holmes. Therefore, could Jack the Ripper,  one of Britain’s most notorious killers, actually be one of America’s most infamous villains?

One theory is that a famed physician to the British Royal family, known as Sir William Withey Gull, was unleashed by authorities to initially kill a prostitute who was an illegitimate heir to the throne. They needed someone who had medical knowledge in order to disguise her death, with a series of killings. There is no doubt that Gull fits the theory perfectly.

British painter Walter Sickert is another suspect, and this is known as the Painted Devil Theory. Sickert had undergone surgery to correct a fistula on part of his male anatomy, but the surgery failed and left him unable to become intimate with women. The belief is that he held this against women and went on a killing spree, with part of the theory stating that the poses of his victims can be seen in his paintings

One slightly unexpected theory refers to an unusual suspect, a woman, known as Lizzie Williams, thought to have been Jack the Ripper.  She was the wife of Royal Physician John Williams, and there is a certain amount of evidence to suggest that she could have been the killer. The theory goes like this: she was unable to have children of her own and this caused frustration, which then resulted in her attacking the sexual organs of other women. This has led to her being known as ‘Jill the Ripper’.

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