How Jack the Ripper Tours Differ From Other Tours

DATED: 03.12.14

Guided tours are fun and exciting in their own way. Usually such tours revolve around important landmarks and places that have significant historical importance, good or bad. Nevertheless they are fun, entertaining and informative. The Jack the Ripper Tours offer such entertainment however they have something unique and original to offer. Even seasoned travellers who have seen the world and taken different types of tours admit to being taken in its unique approach and the concept.

In today’s post we will look at some of the reasons that make the Jack the Ripper Tour so unique and fascinating that hundreds of thousands of visitors touring London each year can’t resist it! Almost everyone who has taken the tour once has returned again and developed a keen interest in the Ripper cases. Some even take pride in calling themselves Ripperologists!

If you are in London, you should definitely sign up for a Jack the Ripper tour. It’s an amazing experience made awesome for the following reasons…

Revisiting A Dark History

When it comes to our history, facts trumps fiction; truth trumps myth. People are more fascinated by things that have been the centre point of an important event or series of events in the past. Some events have a magnetic aura which attracts human curiosity the same way a magnet attracts metals. The entire Jack the Ripper saga marks a very dark time in Whitechapel, an area comprised of mostly poor immigrants, suffering from poverty, unemployment and a severe lack of necessities. For such a gruesome event to take place in such dark times, in a community struggling to survive economically, it created arguably the darkest chapter in Whitechapel’s history. Click here for Londons most historical and entertaining Jack the Ripper walks!

The opportunity to re-visit the past can intrigue even the most stubborn individuals.

Large Parts of Whitechapel Remain Unchanged

History that can’t be witnessed visually loses its charm and intrigue quickly. The good thing about Whitchapel is that despite more than 125 years since the Ripper gripped the area, the town has managed to maintain its original look of the late 19th century. Some of the places that were talk-of-the-town back then are still up and running to this day. A prime example of that is the Ten Bells Pub. It’s more than a pub now, as it features a wide range of exquisite cuisine, but back in the 1800s it was a popular pub visited by many regulars. Unfortunately, it was also home to the place where most of the victims of Jack the Ripper took to for a drink. It carried a rather notorious reputation, yet it still functions today receiving millions of visitors all year long. Most of the streets where murder was committed by Jack the Ripper are also still there. All this adds a great sense of realism and authenticity to the tour.

If you are visiting London, you owe it to yourself to check out the Ripper Tour with With Halloween approaching, more and more people are opting for this tour. It’s fun. It’s informative. It doesn’t cost much and it can be great entertainment for all members of the family or group. Oh and have we mentioned it has Rippervision technology… that’s right we project real footage onto the streets that the Ripper roamed all them years ago!


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