Ghostly Happenings: Famous Ripper Hauntings

DATED: 25.07.17

The case of the Ripper is infamous, made even more so by the fact that it remains an unsolved mystery to this day. There are Jack the Ripper victims and suspects aplenty, but no one still alive knows the true identity of the Ripper and the meanings behind these atrocities.

For that reason, it should come as no great surprise to discover that there are numerous reports of ghostly happenings and apparitions associated with the case of Jack the Ripper.

Are you ready for the fright of your life? Read on to learn more about some of the most famous Ripper hauntings…

Ten Bells Victorian Man

The Ten Bells is a building which will forever be linked with the tale of the Ripper. Many Jack the Ripper victims were said to have frequented the establishment before their death, and it is thought Jack himself may even have been a regular!

In the ‘90s, live-in staff began to encounter an elderly man dressed in Victorian clothing appearing within the building. Some people even awoke in the dead of night only to find the man lying on the bed next to them!

Annie Chapman

Jack’s second victim, Annie Chapman’s body was discovered on 8th September in a yard at Hanbury Street. Nowadays, the murder site is occupied by the former Truman Brewery. As legend has it, the building’s boardroom becomes icy cold and freezing on the anniversary of her death every year.

Catherine Eddowes

Victim number four, Catherine Eddowes’ body was discovered on 30th September 1888. According to tradition, at midnight on the anniversary of her death, the cobblestones in the corner where Catherine’s body was found glow an eerie red.

Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly was the last confirmed victim of Jack the Ripper and the final member of the Canonical Five. She was killed on 9th November 1888 on Dorset Street. Over the years, Dorset Street changed its name before today becoming a private road and car park just off Commercial Street. However, it is said that a particular house in the area is haunted.

Another theory states that eyewitnesses recorded talking to Mary Kelly just hours after her confirmed death. Was Mary’s ghost walking the streets in the hours after she was murdered?

Christchurch Spitalfields Figure

Just over the road from the site of former Dorset Street, Christchurch Spitalfields can be found. A mysterious figure is said to roam the church, even appearing in a recent tourist’s photograph. Could this figure be one of the Ripper’s victims?

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