Arcane in the UK

DATED: 31.05.16

You might be mistaken for thinking that the Jack the Ripper case is the only mystery that has remained unsolved here in the UK, but you’d be wrong. Over the years, there has been any number of killings, eerie beasts and paranormal activity that simply cannot be explained. We all know the ins and outs of the Ripper killings and the mystery of the Loch Ness monster but there are plenty more ready and waiting to leave your jaw on the floor.

It could all be coincidence, or it could be something to do with our little floating island. Maybe we’ll never know… let’s take a look at the other mysteries that have had our national baffled beyond doubt.

Many more baffling, unexplained cases around the UK are known but with so few facts, it is hard to build a case.

What makes the Jack the Ripper case so unique is that there is real-life evidence, the police questioned hundreds of suspects but, unfortunately, the killer was never brought to justice. Even today, the mystery remains and there is no real consensus as to who the killer was… just a lot of theories and hearsay.

Come and review the evidence for yourself on our Jack the Ripper tour – taking place daily from Aldgate East station in London town. Places do fill up quickly, so do book your tickets in advance and join us as we delve into 19th century London and try to work out exactly what happened in the Autumn of Terror.



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The Jack the Ripper Casebook