Victorian Food Favourites

DATED: 29.03.18

cottage-pie-victorian-foodDuring the Victorian era, food and drink were completely different to today’s standard fare. After all, it was during this time when the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper roamed the streets.

While many people tend to focus on the historical events surrounding this period, others don’t consider exactly what it is that makes it so unique. However, it’s not just the people and the places that contribute to this great period of history. For that reason, we thought that we would share a few Victorian food favourites with you.

What the Ripper’s Victims May Have Eaten

Every Jack the Ripper victim was classed as poor, meaning that they would not have been able to eat some of the meals that we now take for granted. Here are a few meals they may have eaten.

What the Suspect May Have Eaten

Prince Albert Victor was one Ripper suspect and as a privileged member of society, the chances are that he wouldn’t have eaten the same meals as the killer’s victims. So, here are few meals which are more likely to have graced his table.

Now that you know what the Victorians used to eat, you’re probably thankful that you weren’t around back then! During this period it’s evident that there was a clear line between the rich and the poor but regardless, it’s still an essential part of history.

In amongst all of this, there is still one question that remains – what did Jack the Ripper eat? Was he rich or was he poor? You decide.


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