Jack the Ripper Never Existed! Trevor Marriott Claims


The notorious Jack the Ripper is no stranger to fame. Intentionally or not, you will have read about...

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Jack the Ripper: What We Know


Jack the Ripper is a man with no confirmed identity yet he has become a symbol of Victorian London...

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A Stalker Of Nights, A Ghost In Society


In 1888, Jack the Ripper went on his infamous killing spree and to this day, is renowned for his mal...

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Why Jack the Ripper Remains So Popular


It has been 125 years since the Jack the Ripper Saga unfolded in Whitechapel, yet the notorious Rip...

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Back to Basics: Jack the Ripper Documentary


Jack the Ripper and his infamous tale have endured over a century of speculation, exaggeration and t...

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The Reality Of The Whitechapel Murders


The East End of London, 1888. The streets are laden with brothels and opium dens and the cobbled pat...

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Was Jack the Ripper the Ultimate Urban Legend?


Jack the Ripper; an urban legend of great infamy, a shadowy part of English history, a prominent fig...

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4 Credible theories on who was Jack the Ripper


A key subject explored on many Jack the Ripper tours, are the over 200 suspects that have been propo...

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Another Day, Another Ripper


Fearsome in its own right, the name Jack the Ripper has haunted the streets of London and terrorised...

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