Fun Things to Do In London

DATED: 19.08.14

London is an amazing city; to tour; to live in; to visit for a few days. You name it, the city has it. People who visit London already have a huge list of things they want to do. However with so many amazing attractions and places to see, London can be overwhelming to some. We’ve put together some amazing ideas for those who are visiting London for the first time. If you have some free time to spare, you should definitely try them. You should begin your list with the activities mentioned below then you can keep adding more and more things as you go. London is a centre of attraction to people no matter where they live in. There are a lot of fun activities to take part in during a trip to London.

Pub Crawl

As the sun goes down, London gets more beautiful and vibrant. London is famous for its pub scene particularly pub crawls (among other things of course). Provided that you are old enough to drink, you cannot leave London without participating in the British pub crawl. The best one and the biggest one takes place right here in London called the Monopoly pub crawl. This activity starts with the participants starting the night at a tavern and then making their way to the next one on route. There are a number of routes to take and one of the most famous one is the Monopoly pub crawl route which has 26 pubs in the whole path.

Spine Chilling Jack the Ripper Tours

One simply cannot visit London and not visit White Chapel. The Jack the Ripper saga is one of the most intriguing mysteries in the region. The world entered the 20th century on the back of the horrors of Ripper saga – with memories still lingering onto this very day.

If you are looking forward to a guided tour of London than there is no better walking tour than a Jack the Ripper Tour. This walking tour is considered one of the most spine chilling tour that involves various activities such as walking, sightseeing and storytelling. There is no shortage of picture taking opportunities there.

Maritime Greenwich

East London is filled with palaces, museums, exhibits, libraries and so on. Maritime Greenwich is one of the most significant monuments in London. The Maritime Greenwich is the birthplace of Queen Elizabeth I and Henry VIII not to mention the birthplace of modern science. It is also the home of the Old Royal Naval College. Maritime Greenwich is a must-visit spot in London.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is yet another  famous destination in East London. The Tower of London has seen its fair share of assassinations and executions of high-profile prisoners. It is now home to tours and exhibits. The Tower of London has also become a re-created medieval palace which exhibits luxuries interior as well as the Crown Jewels.

There is no shortage of entertainment in London. People who come to visit, do so again and again because there is so much to see and do. London is undoubtedly a prime tourist destination because it has something for everybody. From museums and castles to pubs and guided tours, there is something for everyone’s taste and choice of entertainment.


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