Serial Killer Fright Night

DATED: 01.11.16

This world has seen its fair share of  sociopaths and serial killers over the years, all starting with the infamous Jack the Ripper. Though we can never understand the true horror and atrocities the victims of these killers went through, Hollywood and film producers have certainly brought us closer to their world with each and every release.

This time of year is renowned for horror films and chilling true-crime thrillers, thanks to the dark, cold nights and heavy mists covering our towns and cities each and every morning.

While Jack the Ripper is one of the most talked about serial killers in history thanks to his evasive ways and the fact that he was never caught, there are plenty more just like him that have been immortalised on the big screen.

We’ve put together our top 10 films for a serial killer fright night! Comprising both true and fictitious stories, here’s the best way to finish off a chilling evening on our Jack the Ripper tour!

  1. Monster – Based on real life events, this movie is about a prostitute who commits murder in self-defence but it soon leads to a killing spree out of revenge. Charlize Theron won an academy award for her splendid acting as a serial killer in this movie.
  2. From Hell – The horrific Jack the Ripper tale is shrouded by conspiracy theories. From Hell took one of these contemporary theories and spun it into the movie. Starring Johnny Depp, this movie sheds light on the suspects who could have been Jack the Ripper, from the perspective of the detective on the case
  3.  The Silence of the Lambs – A young FBI student is asked to interview a deadly and cannibalistic serial killer – Hannibal Lector – who is living his days behind the bars. A known psychopath, Lecter offers clues and insight into the mind of a killer, aiding the arrest of killer still at large
  4. American Psycho – This dark comedy in which a handsome, urban man works as a normal worker by day and as a heartless serial killer by night. A chilling classic!
  5. The Lovely Bones – The story of a serial killer who dismantles a family after he brutally kills a young girl. The girl watches from heaven with a thirst for revenge and sadness over her mourning family and friends.
  6. M – A cannibalistic killer so violent and brutal that he not only finds police on his tail but also targets members of the underworld too. The panic sends him into a deadly spiral
  7.  The Snowtown Murder – The movie is based on true events which shed light on 4 murders. A total of 11 murders make for a frightful watch that satisfies morbid curiosity!
  8. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer – Michael Rooker played the character of the real-life serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas. Abused by his own brother, he travelled a dark and lonely road, eventually killing his mother, girlfriend and an elderly woman he used to live with.
  9. The Deliberate Stranger – Ted Bundy was one of the worst known serial killers. He was a kidnapper, a rapist and had darker tendencies. He killed and assaulted so many young girls and boys that the authorities lost count. This film shocks as his life unfolds before his timely execution.
  10. Dahmer – The killer of 17 boys and men, Dahmer was so inhuman and heartless that he killed his victims and left their bodies unidentifiable.

Beware – these films are not for the faint-hearted but they are an insight into exactly how serial killers work. What’s more – while Jack the Ripper may have killed fewer victims – he is one of the only ones to have never been caught!

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