Rare Jack the Ripper Letter to be Auctioned

DATED: 10.10.17

Jack the Ripper is a name synonymous with mystery and intrigue. More than a century after the spine-chilling killings took place, the killer’s identity still remains veiled.

One of the most infamous serial killers of all time, Jack the Ripper murdered at least five women during his reign of terror in 1888, spreading horror throughout the streets of East London. Our Jack the Ripper tours offer

you the opportunity to relive Whitechapel’s dark history. You can learn about the killings, visit the murder sites and maybe even find a clue of your own!

However, an interesting auction related to the Whitechapel murders is due to take place very soon. A letter that was apparently sent to Ealing police station back in 1888 is set to go under the hammer on October 29th.

Will this be the beginning of the end for this notorious case?

Does the Letter Hold a Clue to the Ripper’s Identity?

If reports are to be believed, this letter was sent in the year 1888 and is indeed linked to the Ripper mystery.

The letter was removed from the Whitechapel murder file by a member of the police force before he retired. His widow has now put it up for sale.

The letter reads:

‘Beware there is two women I want here, they are bastards and I mean to have them

With my knife is in good order. It’s a student’s knife and I hope you liked the half of kidney. I am Jack the Ripper.’

It was received by Ealing police station on October 29th, 1888. This was just two weeks before the murder of Mary Kelly, the Ripper’s last recognised victim.

Both police and journalists received many letters during 1888, with each mysterious author claiming to be the killer. However, this letter along with the letter from hell, are said to be the most legitimate notes linked to the Ripper case.

The letter will be auctioned on October 29th, the date it was received back in 1888.

It is unsure how much the letter will fetch at auction, but a shawl worn by the Ripper’s fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes, was auctioned for 2.9 million just a couple of years ago.

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