MORE Jack the Ripper Suspects Come To Light

DATED: 15.04.13

Every few months another suspect of the infamous 1888 killer of prostitutes in Whitechapel come to light, it’s because some experts believe that the real Jack the Ripper was never caught and therefore the case is still wide open.

Since the murders crime experts, police and ripperologists have looked into the case, analysed the information we are able to get hold of and tried to discover who they think Jack the Ripper could be.

There are Jack the Ripper Tours and Jack the Ripper Walks that allow tourists to decide who they think Jack the Ripper could have been, the tourists can make an educated guess from the places they are taken to where the murders took place, the photos they are shown and the information they are told.

But does anyone actually know who Jack the Ripper actually was?

A new suspect to the Jack the Ripper suspect list is Carl Feigenbaum. He is a German man who was put on the electric chair in 1894 as his lawyer believed him to be Jack the Ripper.

Another newish suspect of someone that walked the Jack the Ripper Walk is a merchant from Liverpool called James Maybrick, he was murdered by his wife in 1889 for unknown reasons. Suspicions were aroused from a diary found that is presumed to be his and speaks about the murders, but it is not guaranteed this diary is real.

Or maybe Francis Tumblety was the real Jack the Ripper. He was an Irish-American Quack Doctor that was in London around the time Jack the Ripper was killing, however a major fault in this suspicion is that Francis Tumblety was said to be gay which would make him an unlikely killer of female prostitutes.

Another prime suspect for the Jack the Ripper murderer is Montague Druitt, this suspicion is purely down to speculation by a Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner as the teacher, Montague Druitt killed himself after the murders had stopped.

But who do you think Jack the Ripper was?


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