Is our Jack the Ripper Tour the Ultimate Alternative Christmas Gift?

DATED: 06.12.16

Fed up of giving and receiving rushed, last-minute Christmas gifts? Then this Christmas, why not treat you and your loved ones to an alternative Christmas present that they are sure to remember for years to come! A Jack the Ripper walking tour is the perfect memorable gift for history buffs, horror fans, hardened Londoners and tourists alike.

Give the gift of a Jack the Ripper walking tour

This time of year is ideal for taking part in a Jack the Ripper walking tour. The long, dark nights are perfectly suited to the spooky atmosphere, reminiscent of the foggy, gas-lit streets and shadowy alleyways of the Ripper’s Whitechapel. Invoke the spirit of  19th century London and channel your inner super sleuth to try and discover the identity of the Ripper, 128 years on from his reign of terror.

In addition to the dark evenings, the weather at this time of year can also add to the overall feel of our tours. If you are lucky, your tour will take place under the cover of thick fog rolling off the Thames. The Ripper himself would have been more than at home in these conditions, so it makes for an extra special experience to be able to walk the streets of the East End in the same way.

Of course, knowing the unpredictable British weather, we are always holding out for the possibility of a white Christmas. Snow and ice creates a magical festive environment and totally transforms the landscape of the London streets. Combined with the added Christmas festivities bound to be getting underway in the surrounding areas, and you will have a winter themed Jack the Ripper walking tour which is creepier than ever!

Upgrade to a VIP Jack the Ripper tour

If you fancy making their Jack the Ripper walking tour better than ever, we also offer the option of a VIP Jack the Ripper tour. Take the tour celebrity style, experiencing the route with the very best service we have to offer you. Go first-class to give them a gift experience that is a little different to the usual this year, with an extra special Ripper theme.

In addition to our usual tours, the VIP Jack the Ripper tour that we offer makes the perfect gift as it turns the tour into a real experience. Get to know the full story of the Ripper as we visit all of the official murder sites and take a look at the original crime scene photographs. Complimentary dinner and drinks are also included in the package, so you won’t have to worry about anything while on our tour.

With a free documentary, guide book, map, and a year’s membership to the biggest crime club in the UK all included in our VIP Jack the Ripper tour, you will be set to keep on discovering the secrets of the Ripper long after you leave!

The ultimate alternative Christmas gift? We think so.


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The Jack the Ripper Casebook