Come Rain or Shine

DATED: 26.04.16

The days might be getting longer and the sun starting to shine but that doesn’t stop the bad weather from creeping back into our lives. You might loathe the cold, wet, dreary nights with the mist rolling in like something out of a horror film, but here, at Jack the Ripper Tours, we think it makes the perfect setting for our walking tour map of the Ripper killings, back in 1888.

Picture Perfect

Picture this… Our expert tour guides telling the gruesome true story of the Canonical Five and the other Ripper victims, setting the scene for a London entirely different to the one you know and love.

The developing fog and dampness in the air creates a chill – or is that from hearing all about the Autumn of Terror? Ripper Vision is projected perfectly in the alleyway behind you, and you almost feel as if you are in the thick of it. You even look over your shoulder just to be sure…

Now picture the very same scene, with sunglasses on and everyone wearing flip flops. We love warmer weather as much as the next Ripperologist, but sunshine and daylight does not create the picture perfect atmosphere that really makes our Jack the Ripper tour come alive.

Whitechapel and Beyond

Police at the time knew they were dealing with a prolific and heinous serial killer but nobody could have predicted just how infamous Whitechapel and Jack the Ripper would become over the next century. The threat may be long gone, but the crimes live on in the East End of London and around the world, unsolved for who knows how many more years.

Will this case ever be closed? New evidence emerges all the time, technological advances and criminal profiling improves every day and yet this story lives on. Will we ever find the answer to the age old question “who is Jack the Ripper?” Only time will tell.

Make the most of the wet April weather and join us on our daily Jack the Ripper tour, to discover first hand just how scandalous the Ripper was for getting away with it. Whatever the weather, come and join us with your theories and accusations, it’s what we live for.

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The Jack the Ripper Casebook