Was Jack The Ripper A Sexist?

DATED: 01.10.13

People have been trying to figure out who Jack the Ripper actually was for over a century. A number of theories in regard to his identity and motives have come to light, with some believing that Jack the Ripper was a policemen, some think that he was painter, while others maintain he was a doctor. However, one of the more recent theories suggests that Jack the Ripper, whatever his profession, was sexist.

There are a number of reasons presented by the theorists that Jack the Ripper was a sexist. Notably, Jack the Ripper had discrimination against women because all of his victims were prostitutes in London. It is also speculated that Jack hated the idea of professional prostitution and thus went against the law to eliminate the sources of prostitution one at a time. Or maybe, they were just vulnerable and available targets which were unlikely to be missed.

According to some literature, the reason why Jack the Ripper only killed prostitutes was that he contracted an STD from a prostitute and his killing spree was an act of revenge.

Whether Jack the Ripper killed prostitutes because he hated women his background and motives remain a mystery to everyone and chances are very slim that history will ever know for certain.

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