Three Biggest Crime Mysteries

DATED: 22.08.15

The air of mystery surrounding the Ripper case lives on to this day, with Jack the Ripper walks revealing the crimes as they happened, and the police force’s failure to successfully bring the culprit to justice.

However, aside from this notorious legacy, what other crime mysteries remain unsolved? See just three below.

Ronald Sisman and Elizabeth Platzman

If ever there was a night to strike fear into a neighbourhood, it’s Halloween, especially in 1981 when a couple, Ronald Sisman and Elizabeth Platzman, was killed after being beaten and shot.

Though the motive for Ronald’s death was thought to be related to an apparent involvement in drugs, a prison informant admitted that he had been told by an inmate about their deaths a couple of weeks prior.

That same inmate was convicted for the ‘Son of Sam’ crimes, which took place in 1977. The informant claimed that David Berkowitz, believed to be behind the grisly Son of Sam crimes, had said his cult was planning to break into a property located close to Greenwich Village, on the same night the couple were murdered; Halloween.

What’s more is that Berkowitz was also accurate in claiming that the group would ransack the property. Berkowitz was called in for questioning, to which he replied that Sisman had evidence of the 1977 shootings and was considering giving it to the authorities, in order to protect at least part of his drugs case.

Despite this, the mystery surrounding the killings remains unsolved.

Lord Lucan (John Bingham)

Criminals disappearing after committing their crimes is nothing new. But in Lord Lucan’s case, what is most intriguing is the fact that he was never found after his last sighting in 1974, following a meeting with Susan Maxwell-Scott, a friend’s wife.

Following a virulent battle of custody over his children and a growing obsession with being named sole carer, Lucan violently murdered his wife’s nanny after breaking into his ex-home. At the time, he was also said to suffer from a gambling problem, leading to financial difficulty, which it is claimed could have been solved had his wife sold the house.

After escaping the clutches of the police, many presumed him dead and no one, to note, came forward to suggest otherwise, leaving the case wrapped in mystery.

Daniel Morgan

Daniel Morgan was hailed as a talented private investigator, and his murder is possibly one of the biggest mysteries in British history, aside from the identification of the Ripper. In 1987, he was killed, and the culprit left behind a weapon lodged in his head; an axe.

At the time, his death, of course, gained attention. However, rumours soon spread that the murder was actually to hide corruption in the Metropolitan Police force. This led to Jonathan Rees, Morgan’s partner, being charged. In 2011 though, Rees was cleared but was later taken into custody after his involvement in a phone hacking operation was discovered.

These are just three big crime mysteries. Do you have any more to add?


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