The Sinking Night

DATED: 30.12.15

From a psychological perspective, the appeal of knowing about serial killers and murderers is often to increase feelings of safety. The notion being that insights into how these people operate may protect them from potential threats – and to that end, popular culture has been flooded with true crime stories and films. Not that we mind, though; we are just as enthusiastic and fanatical about real crime history as you are.

If you’ve ever been to one of our Jack the Ripper walks, you will know the passion and hard work that goes into creating the right atmosphere, the suspense throughout and retaining the air of mystery that has always surrounded the Jack the Ripper case. But the Whitechapel killings were different to other true crime serial killings: Jack was never caught, and to this day, the question “who is Jack the Ripper?” remains one of the biggest mysteries in British crime.

Not all serial killers are as quite as mysterious as the Ripper. Sure, a lot of them are just as infamous, and many equally as cruel and without remorse, but most are brought to justice – usually because their psychopathic nature keeps them close to their own case.

Halloween is a time for celebrating the day that merges life and death and has become synonymous with an intrigue into the psyche of killers and murders. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of our favourite serial killer films that we think you might enjoy after our Halloween special Jack the Ripper tour this year. Without further ado, popcorn at the ready.


A superb performance from the unrecognisable Charlize Theron in this film about Aileen Wuornos, the prostitute who began murdering her clients. Aileen is one of the most notorious female serial killers out there, turning the rule book upside down.

To Catch a Killer

Documenting the life and crimes of John Wayne Gacy, this film highlights the killers gruesome nature that well hidden behind his charity fundraising, children’s clown, neighbourly façade.

Secret Life

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most prolific serial killers out there. Known for dismembering and then eating his victims, cannibalism was just the tip of the iceberg for this murderer.

Ed Gein

The disturbing crimes committed by Ed Gein came long before Dahmer and Gacy, but much like them, his life become immortalised on screen securing his place in the serial killer hall of ‘fame’.

From Hell

A modern take on the infamous Jack the Ripper case, as told from the perspective of a police investigator. Johnny Depp stars in this horrifying account of the notorious Whitechapel murders.

There are so many more films and different versions of all our favourite serial killers out there that it might take us a while to resurface… maybe check on us in a week or so, just to be sure? If you want to get into the wildly wicked Halloween spirit, check out this comprehensive list of serial killer films.

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