The East End Today

DATED: 31.01.14

As one of the most iconic capitals in the world, London is not only home to a diverse culture but is also equipped with a rather gruesome and interesting history. Nowadays, this cosmopolitan city is full of life and one of the most renowned areas in London is the West End and East End and for good reason.

Whenever anyone mentions the East End, the link is almost instantly made between this London area and notorious murderer Jack the Ripper. Today, Jack the Ripper tours are one of the most popular tourist attractions throughout the whole of London as hundreds of people worldwide come to the East End to experience the place of terror which began in the late 1800’s.

People who have lived in the East End will tell you that it is no longer a haunted place. This area has undergone some serious transformations since the spine-chilling time of gruesome murderers. However, it must be remembered that a few memoirs of the past still, to this very day, remain in the East End. The Ten Bells pub, which was the center point of the investigation during the course of the Jack the Ripper saga, still stands in its pride today; however, is now completely renovated and re-designed in order to cater for the ever-growing population of the East End of London. Brick Lane is a fantastic place to take a stroll and offers exquisite cultural foods from all around the world along with a diverse community.

In the East End, you can see many other tourists’ attractions including famous pubs and places that were key at the time of the malicious Jack the Ripper and the chance to explore ancient churches. Similar to how the East End was designed during the time of Jack the Ripper; winding alley ways containing years of history and culture populate the streets and are a particular favourite for Ripperologists and locals alike.

The East End area is very modernised now with up-to-date features and tours bursting with new-found technology that have the capability to send you back to the time where Jack the Ripper haunted the streets. Nowadays, terror and horror are two things of the past and the East End has transformed and evolved into something fun, unique and intriguing for all those who choose to visit. If you ever happen to visit London, why not take a tour of the East End with East End Walks fantastic guides and a friend to hide behind during the frightening Jack the Ripper tour.


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