Setting the Scene: 1888

DATED: 14.04.15

Today, people talk a lot about Jack the Ripper victims and facts surrounding this mysterious case.

However, when it comes to experiencing what the East End of London was like in 1888, nothing sets the scene better than a tour dedicated to unveiling some of the most shocking aspects of the case, without sparing any grisly facts or details.

Our expert tour guides will take you to the murder locations of Whitechapel, where the Ripper stalked and killed his victims, as well as fill you in on all there is to know regarding the case and top Jack the Ripper suspects.

If, however, you’d like to feel as though you’re in the heart of Whitechapel during 1888, read on. This blog post will provide a small insight prior to your tour from the perspective of a fictional Whitechapel citizen so that you can be transported back to the Ripper’s time and destination.

Whitechapel, 1888

A clean slate is all anyone is after; a chance to turn back time and wipe the streets clean, to provide a fresh start for those who come to Whitechapel to begin a new life. Encased in poverty, communities are stricken with fear over the increasing crime rates, yet concealing the frightened expressions of Whitechapel’s citizens is an opaque mask, better known as satire.

Sprawled across newspapers are illustrations and catchy headlines; a dangerous game by all means. Just last week, ‘Punch’ released a take on the current progress of the police force, titled ‘Blind-Man’s Bluff”. Yet, communities seem to find comfort in their own humour and wit.

The streets at night are dimly lit using kerosene-fuelled street lights, and safety in numbers has never been so crucial. Still though, the Ripper carries out his grisly deeds, just waiting around the corner for his next victim.

And, despite the increase in police officers on the ground, the Ripper escapes under the cover of the night.

Between the killings, the conditions poor communities live in are no pretty sight. Cramped, shared houses and very little earnings leads to earlier deaths and the doorways are lined with the homeless. With small houses accommodating more than one family in appalling living conditions, Whitechapel has become almost a slum.

And as for the killer that wanders at night, well…there really is only one question that travels in whispers on these streets: who is Jack the Ripper? For further information regarding all things to do with the Ripper, be sure to visit our website!


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