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DATED: 09.06.16

Jack the Ripper, the now infamous killer who held a reign of terror over the East End of London is known to be the world’s first modern serial killer and his legacy is left as one of history’s biggest unsolved murder cases.

Our Jack the Ripper tour takes you on a journey throughout 19th century London, the whole time introducing you to the victims, the suspects and presenting compelling evidence. That being said, the killer has never been formally identified and probably never will.

There have been many more serial killers and mass killing sprees undertaken in the UK and around the world since the Ripper walked the streets, and one of the biggest true crime stories in recent history is down to the Moors Murderers; Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, who buried many of their victims on Saddleworth Moor.

Having been caught and serving a life sentence behind bars – only just missing out on receiving the death penalty – the Moors Murderers names are ones that will be etched into the memories of many people in Greater Manchester, across the UK, and around the world for all time. The judge that convicted them stated that they were “sadistic killers of the utmost depravity”. (Source)

Brady concocted his idea of a “perfect murder” in spring 1963 and together with his girlfriend Hindley began putting it to the test just a month or so later with their first victim Pauline Reade, aged just 16. The pair lured her into a car, offering a lift home if she helped them find a lost glove on the Moors.

They used the same method to sexually assault and murder two further victims – John Kilbride, (aged 12) and Keith Bennett (aged 12) – in just over a year. They altered their MO for their final victims Lesley Ann Downey (aged 10) and Edward Evans (17) whom they assaulted and brutally murdered in their home in Manchester.

While police were able to locate the bodies of four of the victims based on evidence found and a broad search of the Moors, the body of 12 year old Keith Bennett has never been recovered. Before she died in 2002, Hindley assisted police with trying to locate his burial site, but to no avail. Brady himself has been coy on the subject during his incarceration – until now, that is.

After 50 years of incarceration, Brady has presented information to close friend Dr. Alan Keightley – with whom he speaks with on a daily basis – regarding the whereabouts of victim Keith Bennett.

Whether or not the police will be able to use this new information to locate the body of Keith Bennett remains to be seen. Tragically, his mother died without getting to give her son a proper burial, but it is certainly a step in the right direction for his family to gain some closure.

With notorious and infamous cases like the Moors Murderers and Jack the Ripper where bodies remain hidden and killers remain at large; there will always be a sense that these cases will never truly be closed.

The amount of press attention given to the Jack the Ripper case is part of the reason why it became so prolific and infamous, and these stories continue to be published today whether it is regarding suspects, new evidence or a new theory as to who the killer could have been.

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