Scary Movies vs. Haunted Houses vs. Jack the Ripper Walk

DATED: 30.05.15

Excitement, horror, thrills. These are some of the feelings people experience when watching a movie or experiencing something for the first time. People who fancy an adventure go sightseeing or tour a different country. Those that are daredevils attempt something out of the norm such as rock climbing, mountain hikes or sky diving. Others, who are keen on revisiting history, take guided tours or visit ancient historical sites to bring themselves as close as possible to that era. All this effort proves that humans are keen on thrills, chills, and adventure. With the advent of modern technology as well, the ways to excite have also evolved; people now go an extra mile to experience such fun.

We’ve put together some terrifyingly great ideas for our readers in this post. In the following paragraphs, we have compiled a comparison of three possible activities that can provide thrill along with a good dose of chill. Below is a comparison between scary movies, haunted houses and Jack the Ripper tours. For more information on our chilling tours, follow this bloody link now, before Jack comes for you!
Scary Movies

There is no perfect answer as to why people want to get scared, but one thing for sure, they like the idea of jumping with fear. It may be that the excitement you get with scary visuals is the real objective behind it; plenty of people are scary movie fans, for this reason. Producers and directors of horrors today are continuing to frighten people quite literally out of their seats through realistic graphics. So, if you can spend a couple of hours in front of the T.V., then you should watch some famous scary movies of the past such as “The Exorcist”, “The Ring” and more.

Haunted Properties

People are sometimes scared of what they can see and also what they cannot see. In London, there are many houses where several hauntings have been reported. For thrill seekers, visiting a haunted property is a good option. However, be warned, this is not for the faint hearted!
Jack the Ripper Tours

The world is full of grim history. The Ripper saga is one sad chapter however, rarely do we come across history that is still extremely popular today. Jack the Ripper tours enjoy universal acclaim and success. People who take this tour essentially take a step back in time to the late 1800’s, walking the same streets of Whitechapel that were once frequented by the Ripper.

If you believe in fact rather than fiction, then the Jack the Ripper tour is the best option for you. Considering the amount of knowledge, gruesome details and visuals you get in the tour, it would be an unforgettable experience for those who want a goose-bump worthy evening.

All of the above are great choices however, if you ask us, the Ripper tour would be our top pick. It depicts factual events through visual effects, talks about the victims and mentions actual crimes committed on streets that still exist today. Even now, walking through those streets gives people the chills.


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