Mourning to Celebrate Life

DATED: 15.02.16

The end of January saw in the Celebration of Life Day and is supposed to be a day to honour children and grandchildren in the highest possible way, with respect and dignity for the people they are and the people they will become.

Death is an inevitable part of life, and it is one that will affect each and every one of us whether we like it or not. The acknowledgement that life should be celebrated in the event of a tragic loss of a loved one is sometimes all we need to learn to appreciate life for what it is and to enjoy what we have now.

Hollow Memories
For the canonical five that were cruelly taken from this world by the infamous Jack the Ripper throughout the Autumn of Terror in 1888, they lived in an era that was plagued by illness and poverty. They were often subject to the harshest of realities and were not afforded the chance to appreciate or celebrate their lives before death was upon them at the hands of the Ripper.

The Here and Now
With such a passing of time between the 19th century and our present, it is hard to imagine that the families of those affected ever found peace, given the knowledge that their loved ones were murdered and the killer got away with it. The only solace we can find now is that the killer, too, met his end.

Fresh Eyes
Although the killer can never be brought to justice and his victims will always suffer that fact, you can come along to our Jack the Ripper Tour and cast your eyes over the evidence for yourself. Starting in the heart of the East End where his victims lived and worked almost 128 years ago, our tour takes you on a tragic journey of loss, depravity and mystery.

The Tour Experience
Take in the murder sites of all known Ripper victims, mull over the official suspects for the case, examine real life evidence from the most famous case in history that remains unsolved; and try and piece together the possibilities of who might have committed these crimes.

Celebrate the lives of the victims taken by Jack the Ripper by getting together with intrigued fanatics and the expert Ripperologists that have spent years studying the case on our Jack the Ripper tour. Their lives may have been taken early, but we can celebrate their existence and ensure that their memory lives on, beyond the pages of a case file.

To secure your place on our Jack the Ripper tour, please book your tickets here and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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