Jack the Ripper: What’s Changed in 130 Years?

DATED: 09.01.18

As we enter 2018, we officially mark 130 years since the heinous crimes of Jack the Ripper; the city and indeed, the world looked on in horror as he crept through the streets of London’s East End all those years ago, terrorising his victims in an unbelievably cruel manner, before leaving their bodies on the streets where he found them. He toured the East End and picked on vulnerable women that were unlikely to be missed.

Remarkably, despite a whole host of evidence left at the scenes and a number of suspects questioned by the police, the identity of the world’s first serial killer was never discovered, and nobody brought to justice.

19th Century London

It is true that 19th century London was world’s away from the city we know today, in terms of living conditions, economy, hygiene, health and social practice. However, it is only over the last few decades that technology has become so commonplace in our everyday lives. Although now a huge, decisive factor in criminal proceedings and police investigations today, DNA testing was only first used in a criminal case almost 100 years after Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror.

Many believe that had some of the processes and procedures we have in place today been around back in 1888, the Ripper would not only have been identified, but he would have been caught and brought to justice, too.

As it stands, the last known Ripper murder took place in late autumn, after which the killer disappeared into the night almost as quickly as he had arrived.

Looking at the Evidence

If we look at the evidence that the police had back when Jack the Ripper was making his mark on the East End of London, it is easy to see that the way the police operate in today’s world has changed significantly over the last 130 years.

Along with this, the streets are now much safer thanks to CCTV, Neighbourhood Watch schemes, street lighting and a self-awareness that may have been lacking back in the 19th century.

Had his victims been found on a street with adequate lighting and covered by CCTV; the blood left at the crime scenes, the scraps of material found and even the letter’s the police received could all have held the clue to finding out just who Jack the Ripper really was.

Fancy Yourself a Master Sleuth?

Over recent years, there have been numerous reports of additional evidence found – this is one case that never stops intriguing.

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