Jack the Ripper Tour: A Guide For First Timers

DATED: 07.03.15

People who tour London for the first time usually set aside two or three weeks to properly see everything on offer in this beautiful city which is so rich in culture, history and, of course, entertainment.

There is no shortage of tourist attractions in London and the surrounding areas. Today though, we will focus on one very unique form of entertainment; namely, a guided tour. However, this is no ordinary guided tour.

This is one of the most popular guided tours in the UK, mainly due to the dark history associated with it. People from all over the world come to London to take this tour and experience all that it has to offer. We’re talking about the Jack the Ripper tour.

Below, we will mention some of the highlights of a Jack the Ripper Tour. It is not our intention to give too much away with regards to the exciting entertainment that awaits you, but rather to give you a taste of what is in store – and to compel you to take the tour yourself. Click here to book tickets today!

Walking the Streets Frequented by the Ripper

The tour takes you to the East End, specifically Whitechapel, where most of the Ripper’s crimes were committed. Those who take this tour essentially walk the same streets that were once frequented by the Ripper. There have been a few modifications over the years, but most of it is still there, untouched by the modern world. Whitechapel has managed to retain most of its late 19th-century look, even to this day. Walking these streets is not an experience for the faint of heart.

Lead the Investigation

Tourists will be given a detailed account of how the investigation progressed, and some frequently asked questions will be answered. Were there any leads? Did the Ripper act alone? How much evidence was collected? What about the suspects?

These are all valid questions, which the tour guide will answer on the way as they discuss the victims and suspects thought to be involved in the murders. During the tour, with the help of the experts, you will feel like you are leading your own investigation.

Meet Other Ripperologists

There is no denying people are fascinated by the Ripper case. There have been many documentaries on the subject, and it has been depicted in the media, as well as various books. You will find that Ripperologists are very keen on every detail regarding Jack the Ripper, and Ripperologists lead all of our tours. As enthusiasts and experts with a vast knowledge of the entire saga, they are the ideal guides to help you unfold the events of 1888.

Hand Held Projectors

It is always pleasing to see technology making inroads in different forms of entertainment, especially to enhance it further and enrich the overall experience. Handheld projectors are an emerging trend, and they are used extensively on our Jack the Ripper tours. In fact, our Rippervision has received generous reviews, thanks to the valuable information it provides and the way in which it makes for a more vibrant and exciting tour experience.

Our Jack the Ripper tour should be on the must-see list of everyone who visits London for the first time. Even frequent visitors return to Whitechapel to relive the thrills and chills that once captivated the entire country. So put on your investigator’s hat and experience the tour for yourself.


 7 Days a Week

AT 5:00PM & 7:30PM

Tour Duration

1 hr 45 mins


The Jack the Ripper Casebook