Jack the Ripper School Tours this New Year

DATED: 11.01.17

Once the fun and excitement of Christmas, New Year, and the festive holiday period are over, the crash back down to the reality of everyday life can come as a bit of a shock. The dull, dreary weather only contributes further as the January blues set in with a vengeance. Productivity and motivation levels at school and in the workplace often take a dip at this time of year, too. If your students are working up towards important exams or struggling with coursework, you need to find a way to get them interested in learning again, and fast. Jack the Ripper school tours are the perfect way to reignite their curiosity and start them back on the path to success through practical learning and living history.

Our Jack the Ripper school tours are the ideal way to get students fully engaged with their learning. The tours are the perfect combination of education, intrigue and fun. This means that they are an excellent way to involve your students in their project, be it for history, psychology, sociology or criminology. Give them the tools to really make their work stand out. After all, what could be better than Jack the Ripper coursework and essays fully informed by an educational visit to Whitechapel, the famous stomping grounds of the Ripper?

Comparing Then and Now

All of our tour guides are historians and Ripperologists, meaning that they have a wealth of knowledge about the Ripper to share with students. Our Jack the Ripper school tours teach students about the methods behind police investigation, police operations and compare the approaches and techniques used by detectives then, with more modern-day procedures. Ours are the most up-to-date Ripper tours in London. We use projectors, modern criminal profiling, our exclusive Ripper-Vision, and so much more to make the experience memorable and keep students informed and entertained throughout.

It can be a real help to students to see the world that the Ripper inhabited first-hand. Each of the three different styles of learning as defined by the VARK model of learning styles (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) can benefit from our Jack the Ripper school tours. It is also good for students to experience learning outside of the traditional classroom or lecture theatre environment, as it can help to cement important facts and figures in their heads.

Our Jack the Ripper school tours have been voted the top choice for schools, colleges and universities, so take the opportunity to get to grips with the tale of the Ripper and book your school tour for the New Year.


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