Halloween Spooktacular

DATED: 20.10.16

It’s that time of the year when the leaves start to fall, the air becomes dry and chilly – and come 31 October, the dead remnants of ancient legends and myths come alive. So, if you have decided to visit London this Halloween, then be sure to explore the city’s macabre past by enjoying a range of spooky activities!

London has survived plagues, mad and power-hungry monarchs, and the Great Fire of London itself. It has also survived one of the most notorious serial killers the world has ever seen – Jack the Ripper!

Our Ripper tour this Halloween looks as though it’s set to be one of the best yet, featuring our ever-popular RipperVision technology transporting our guests back to the hallowed cobbled streets of Whitechapel back in 1888.

If that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of other frightful events going on, and you could make a weekend of it.

A History of Horrors

Everyone has heard of the famed Tower of London; it was once a palace but later became an infamous destination for carrying out executions. The tower also served as a prison in the past for some of the most notorious characters – would Jack the Ripper have been held here had he been caught? Make your own mind up and visit this Halloween. It is a sure-fire way to satiate your cravings for dark and eerie things!

Many famous historical figures were executed here, such as the two wives of Henry VIII, Richard of York, Edward V, the White Lady, and Arabella Stuart. Some say their souls are still trapped in the Tower. Spooky indeed!

Spooky Attractions

Want to relive a thousand years of London’s gruesome history? Then be sure to visit the London Dungeons – a place where live performances, real actors, bone-chilling rides, and lifelike models bring the city’s darkest moments from the past back to life. Be wary of the weird surprises lurking in the shadows, though!

Ghost Hunting

If you are fond of hunting paranormal phenomena, one of the best Halloween walking tours in London for you this year is visiting Hampton Court Palace. A picturesque residence, no doubt, but it has a savage history. Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fourth wife, was dragged to the Tower of London from the residence’s gallery to be executed; it is said her screams are still heard at night!

Mysterious Cemeteries

For cemetery enthusiasts, Kensal Green and Brompton Cemetery are two of the most scenic garden cemeteries in London, dating back to the Victorian era.

The cemeteries are known for their beautiful gothic architecture incorporated in mausoleums. Take a guided tour to discover the secrets of the crumbling and unmarked graveyards and tombstones guarded by headless angels, the final resting place for many dark souls.

Eerie Underground Horrors

London has many underground abandoned tube stations that are both mysterious and creepy. For example, Aldwych station, which has long been abandoned since 1994, offers a strange, eerie atmosphere for guests. There are tours taking place here. Have you got what it takes?

A Serial Killer Past

One of the biggest killers in the world got away with multiple murders right here in the heart of the East End of London. Visit the murder sites and prominent places in this true story on our thrilling Jack the Ripper ghost walk this Halloween!

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