From Hell: The Tenuous Link

DATED: 22.02.16

There are many books, plays, TV series’ and films about the infamous Jack the Ripper killings in modern pop culture today, and it isn’t hard to see why. A story that seems fictitious in plot, a tale of a serial killer that got away with it and left police blundering in his wake, with very little evidence and no real suspects to go on, is almost unheard of in modern policing. However, in the 19th century, there were very few killers of this calibre, skill and mystery around, and as such, the true identity of the Ripper remains unknown to this day.

It has been over a century since Jack the Ripper stalked the streets of London’s East End, killing his victims as he went. In that time, a variety of theories and conspiracies have emerged. Some are seriously considered and thought out; others are far-fetched and some truly sensational in their content.

Conspiracies Abound
One of the most popular conspiracies – it has had books, documentaries, TV series and films based on it – is also one that was sensational and absurd to many. The conspiracy, in particular, was that the Ripper was, in fact, royalty, a direct heir to the throne.

As the main royal theory goes, Prince Albert Victor, known to many as Eddy, contracted Syphilis from a less than credible woman – a prostitute, no less, and the infection caused him to go insane and enact a killing rampage across the East End of London.

The same theorists believe that the Royal family knew about the murders from the very first in August, but failed to restrain their Prince until after the Double Event, delaying the date of the fifth and final death in the Canonical Five. In order to complete his death hit-list, Eddy escaped from a private hospital and killed his final victim Mary Kelly.

What to Believe?
Many Ripperologists believe the Royal connection to be far-fetched and without any substantial evidence to back it up, despite the fact historians took the story and ran with it and created books and documentaries in the process.

From the original theory, all the evidence held on Prince Albert was destroyed shortly after the assertions were made, thus ensuring the credibility of the source as debatable.

Another factor that many fail to recognise when it comes to the royal theory is that the Prince has alibis for many of the murders. He was, in fact, in Yorkshire for the best part of August and September.

Decide for Yourself
There is a lot of confusion surrounding who the real killer of the Jack the Ripper victims was, so why not decide for yourself? Come along to our daily Jack the Ripper tour and get to know the case in more depth, we always welcome newbies to the Ripperologist way of life.

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