Facing the Harsh Realities of a Victorian Winter

DATED: 28.12.17

For many of us, when we think of a Victorian winter, we think of rosy cheeks and smiling faces, festive spirits and ice skating on frozen rivers with friends and family. However, the harsh realities of life in London during the winter months simply couldn’t be further from this romanticised notion, as you will soon discover on our Jack the Ripper walking tour.

The vast majority of the inhabitants of Victorian London lived a life of abject poverty, struggling to get by with the most basic essentials in life. Unless you were fortunate enough to belong to the wealthy upper class of society, winter posed a real threat, particularly when the temperatures dropped and the weather turned even colder.

What Issues Did Residents Face?

At the time, many residents of Whitechapel lived in cramped, substandard conditions. Poverty meant that top-quality living conditions weren’t really the top of people’s list of priorities, resulting in many people living together in places such as boarding houses just to try and save money and get by. Good food was also a scarcity for many, a fact which was only exemplified by the arrival of the winter months.

However, it wasn’t only the freezing temperatures that caused problems and misery for the Victorians. In Whitechapel, Jack the Ripper was ruling the streets in the midst of his reign of terror, scaring people even as they tried to go about the course of their daily lives. Between hunger, poverty, the cold and the Ripper, it’s no surprise that many of the residents of Victorian London had a much tougher time than you might have initially thought.

A Jack the Ripper Walking Tour this Winter

On our Jack the Ripper walking tour, our expert Ripperologists will guide you through the cobbled streets, walking the same routes the Ripper would have frequented all those years ago. Including visits to some of the key locations, most notably the Ten Bells pub, you will have plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with this infamous real-life horror story.

Although winter carries nowhere near the same level of dread nowadays, when you’re out and about, exploring the Ripper’s favourite haunts, it isn’t hard to imagine just how much terror the city’s Victorian residents would have experienced.

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