Christmas Villains

DATED: 18.12.15

There are many characters in life that we actively avoid and rightly so. With murderers, serial killers and politicians around every corner, it can be hard to know who to trust, and who not to trust. Although these people can and do inflict harm, it is rare that we ever come in direct contact with them.

This sense of removal from these characters is a big part of why the general public has such a macabre fascination with villains in pop culture. Films, TV series and books based on serial killers and villains – both real life and fiction, are big business at the minute, and this is a trend that doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon.

It seems that these villains are everywhere we go, with shows like Dexter and Bates Motel giving the public another medium through which to relate to serial killers.

One of these mediums is our infamous Jack the Ripper tour – a highlight of many a day trip in London.

Villains and bad guys are found in all areas of life, and that includes Christmas. While there aren’t any real life Yuletide bad guys, there are plenty on the big screen for us to obsess over. We have compiled a few of our favourite Christmas villains for you all to get into the spirit of things… Ho ho ho!

Stripe, Gremlins

When Gizmo spawned the first batch of evil monster gremlins, Stripe was their prolific leader. Torturing Gizmo and stringing up dogs was his M.O. of choice before leading his horde of gremlins in a night of mayhem across the sleepy town of Kingston Falls. As a PG-rated film, Stripes reign of terror continued in children’s dreams throughout the 1980’s and beyond.

Harry and Marv, Home Alone

If you don’t already know who Harry and Marv are, then you really need to up your film game. Sealing their place in the Christmas villain hall of fame, they met their match in Kevin McCallister – the resourceful child left home alone who would do anything to have his family back over Christmas. They’re less scary, more slapstick, but still villains, none the less.

The Grinch

If stealing Christmas wasn’t enough, having no heart will do it. Full of hate and loathing, thriving off the misery of others, the Grinch is truly a Christmas villain that is hard to beat.

Ebenezer Scrooge

Similar in style to the Grinch, Scrooge truly hates Christmas and takes it out on all those around him. A loner, a miser, an angry old man if ever there was one – until a visit from some ghosts shows him the error of his ways. He might change his tune eventually, but it wasn’t enough to take him out of villain status.

Hans Gruber, Die Hard

Die Hard is possibly one of the best movie villains of all time and is technically a Christmas film. Gruber takes everyone hostage and embarks to steal as much money as he can get his hands on, until Bruce Willis takes him down.

With such Christmas film ammunition under your belt now, it won’t be long until you are suitably festive. If you would rather spend the day watching films than a whole day shopping on a day trip to London, then make the most of it and give us a visit. Our Jack the Ripper tour runs daily – so book your place now and revel in the villainous mystery that is the Ripper.


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