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DATED: 16.06.16

The popularity of crime related higher education courses around the UK over the last few years has been staggering and doesn’t look to be waning any time soon. With so many course options available – Justice and Criminology, Sociology, Psychology and Investigative studies to name a few – at colleges and universities up and down the country, as well as a whole host of careers ready and waiting – we’re talking the police force, forensics, crime scene investigation, law, psychology, further education and even becoming a consultant for film and television – it isn’t hard to see why it is so popular amongst students.

19th century law, restorative justice, crime prevention and criminal profiling are all part of the curriculum when it comes to courses like this, so chances are you might just get to write Jack the Ripper coursework essays as part of your education.

One of the most important parts of higher education these days is securing appropriate work placements and seeing the world of work in relation to these studies. Our Jack the Ripper school tour is the perfect culmination of education and intrigue for students working towards GCSE’s, A Level’s and beyond. We’ve even been voted the number one choice for schools, colleges and universities, so your students are in good hands.

As we are entering the final stages of the academic year, many teachers and course leaders will be looking to find educational and fun ways of engaging their students at a time of year when minds can often wander – so why not make a day of it? Our school tour can provide insight into police investigation techniques, social awareness and analysis of police operations compared to those in use today that will enthral and teach students with ease.

As well as this, our tour guides are historians and experienced Ripperologists with expert case knowledge – who contribute towards the official Jack the Ripper Conference every year.

We can demonstrate the working side of the theory they are learning in a real-world setting, thanks to our consultant status, and utilisation of policing techniques and criminal profiling.

If you want to put your Jack the Ripper coursework in a whole new perspective, then do not delay – book your Ripper school tour today by calling us on 07803067544 or emailing us on


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