Back to Basics: Jack the Ripper Documentary

DATED: 30.11.13

Jack the Ripper and his infamous tale have endured over a century of speculation, exaggeration and theorising which has allowed people and the press to obfuscate the real crimes and distort their evidence, in some cases beyond recognition. Shrouded in mystery and intrigue, Jack the Ripper was never caught, nor was he ever identified which has led to the legend living on and growing in strength.

It is the ‘legend’ however that poses the biggest problem for Paul Begg, a leading authority on Jack the Ripper. He is a true specialist on the subject, acting as a consultant to crime writers, Ripper enthusiasts and even the FBI. Begg is also Editor of the Ripperologist magazine and in 2004 he penned Jack the Ripper: The Definitive History, a book which acted as the inspiration and reference piece for the new Ripper documentary, Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story.

The 2 hour special focuses on the no-frills basics of the investigation, aiming to dispel a century worth of myths and misconceptions in an attempt to address the Jack the Ripper case in its purest form. Paul Begg narrates the documentary which calls on Ripper authorities and experts in scientific and specialist fields to re-examine the case and its every development, twist and turn. There is exploration of forensic evidence, unedited eye witness statements and coroner’s reports as well as a closer look at the overall original police investigation. The renowned Jack the Ripper Tour even contributes with their specialist Ripper knowledge and familiarity with the area.

Director/Producer Jeff Leahy and his film company, Bullseye Lantern Ltd, use the highest quality digital technology to reconstruct 19th century Whitechapel, providing virtual environments that take you deep into the Ripper’s world with detailed digital reconstructions of the original buildings and lighting; the documentary also uses real actors to recreate each of the horrific events.

This documentary is based on evidence rather than embellishment and it is one of the closest investigations of the Jack the Ripper murders that has ever been undertaken. So if the Jack the Ripper walks whet your appetite and you want to get to know the Ripper better, check out Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story today.


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