At the Top of His Game

DATED: 09.05.16

Much like Jack the Ripper is renowned for his ability to defy, capture and have his legend live on 128 years later; we strive to be at the top of our game, too. To essentially tell this horrific true story with passion, knowledge and in an entertaining way, you need to be a true Ripperologist, just like our guides.

If you are looking to book your place on a Jack the Ripper tour, then look no further. If you find yourself horrified at the crimes that happened, yet are weirdly fascinated by the story, then you aren’t alone, our guides are exactly the same!

Considered experts in their field, with extensive knowledge of Jack the Ripper, the East End of London and true crime in general, you can believe the Jack the Ripper tour reviews that state just how great our tours are!

What to Expect

When you join us for our Jack the Ripper walking tour, please come prepared to discover the darker side of London and experience 19th-century life first-hand, thanks to our incredible RIPPER-VISION™ projector technology.

Watch our tour guides guide you through the streets of London, bringing theatrics to the proceedings and the story to life once more.

You’ll visit the scene of eleven murders in total, which is all the Whitechapel murders from 1888 – starting with Emma Smith (not believed to be a Ripper victim) and ending with the final death in the Canonical Five, Mary Kelly.

Along the way, you will be taken down cobblestone alleyways and visit prominent locations, such as the Ten Bells pub; a site that could have held the biggest clue to solving the mystery of who Jack the Ripper was!

Who Dunnit?

Our tour blends the 19th-century horror with 21st-century technology seamlessly, to provide a unique and exciting experience for all. We make use of the latest criminal profiling to assess the suspects, and we showcase some of the most important pieces of evidence and crime scene photos. It’s not hard to see why we’ve been dubbed “the best and most original Jack the Ripper Tour”.

When it comes to experiencing Jack the Ripper, don’t just read the reviews; book your tickets today! Our tour runs daily from Exit 3 of Aldgate Station at 7.30pm and books up quickly, so act fast to secure your place.

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 7 Days a Week

AT 5:00PM & 7:30PM

Tour Duration

1 hr 45 mins


The Jack the Ripper Casebook