Are You Afraid of the Dark?

DATED: 27.10.15

There is something so exhilarating about horror movies and stories, isn’t there? Although they make our stomachs churn and hair stand on end, we human beings still want to know and see everything. What is it that generates such curiosity in our minds before seeing or hearing about something we wish we hadn’t afterwards? Didn’t curiosity kill the cat, after all?

It may be from the sense of surrealism we feel of the unknown; something that is paranormal to our regular minds. Human beings that do not have the natural psychotic or killer instincts are unfamiliar with such a world full of murder and mystery, so our minds boggle, and we want to know more. It’s a bit like feeding an addiction and the Jack the Ripper story won’t rest until it’s resolved.

Has the story of Jack the Ripper ever sparked questions in your mind? Who was he and why did he kill those prostitutes? Was there a sequence or order? Was it because he thought he was ridding the world of something he didn’t quite commend or did he have an ulterior motive? Was there significance in the way that he killed them or was he just mentally destitute? Wanna learn more about Jack and how he haunted the streets of Victorian London? Follow this link to go on a tour you will never forget.

Although the Ripper saga has haunted many minds to date, it is still an extremely sad case, a case which has yet to reach its conclusion, to gain closure.

Between the movies and the Ripper saga, though; there is a key difference: the majority of movies we see and enjoy today are purely fictional, the Ripper saga is fact, from a true crime, back in the late 1800’s.

So, if this has sparked your curiosity, then join us on our popular spine chilling Jack the Ripper tour; a tour like no other, where you can look to feed your mind and see if your questions are put to rest finally.

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