A Festive Murder Mystery

DATED: 28.11.17

Christmas is all about excitement and fun, presents, decorations and quality time spent with family and loved ones. But while we may be cosied up around the fireplace, spare a thought for the residents of London’s East End back in 1888, when terror ruled the streets at the height of the Ripper’s sinister reign of terror.

If you prefer your holidays with a little more bite, why not book yourself onto our fantastic Jack the Ripper tour and find out all about one of the world’s most famous serial killers?

Rediscover Victorian Whitechapel

Take a step back in time and return to the locations where the Ripper and his victims once visited, walking in their footsteps as you piece together the different key places on the map of Jack the Ripper’s London. Victorian Whitechapel was a cramped and crowded area of the city, home to narrow cobbled streets linking homes, pubs, businesses and other establishments. It was often covered by smog and mist, creating an eerie atmosphere which proved to be especially chilling during the darkest hours at night. Just picture the killer stalking the tiny, lamp-lit streets in the dead of night – it isn’t hard to see why so many locals were scared to leave their homes in fear of becoming the next victim.

With the city’s main shopping streets thronged with people hurriedly going about their last-minute Christmas spending, it’s the perfect time to get away from the hustle and bustle and experience the Jack the Ripper tour first-hand for yourself.

Take the Jack the Ripper Tour this Christmas

Our Jack the Ripper tour is led by expert Ripperologists, all of which are professionals in their field. Guiding you around the key locations on the map, the tour will take you through Whitechapel and the East End of London, visiting prime places and walking the very streets the Ripper and his victims walked all those years ago. In addition, you will be presented with a host of evidence, clues and analysis regarding each individual murder case and the overall Ripper file, learning how the detectives at the time tried to unmask the killer once and for all.

Tours start every evening at 7.30pm sharp, but if you fancy the personal touch, why not bring along your friends and family for a spine-tingling evening on one of our exclusive private tours? Tailored to suit the individual requirements of you and your group, your tour will be led by one of our Ripperologists and will take you to visit the essential Ripper locations. If you want, we can even stop off at some of the East End’s finest pubs along the way!

This Christmas, why not try something a little different? Book yourself onto our thrilling Jack the Ripper tour for a festive surprise that definitely won’t be forgotten.


 7 Days a Week

AT 5:00PM & 7:30PM

Tour Duration

1 hr 45 mins


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