4 Credible theories on who was Jack the Ripper

DATED: 05.11.13

A key subject explored on many Jack the Ripper tours, are the over 200 suspects that have been proposed since Jack the Ripper murdered several prostitutes in Whitechapel during the autumn of terror in 1888. Previous accusations include doctors, artists and even members of the royal family. Here are 5 of the most credible and discussed theories created in the past 125 years since the murders, so you can decide for yourself who you think the infamous killer is…

Robert Mann
In 2009, historian Mei Trow used modern police forensics and profiling to claim that a morgue assistant by the name of Robert Mann was the killer. The discovery was part of a documentary called Jack the Ripper: Killer Revealed, which aired on the Discovery Channel. In revealing this, Trow also confirmed that Mann was responsible for murdering two more women in addition to the five known, by the names of Martha Tabram and Alice Mackenzie.

Dr. Henry Howard Holmes
In the book, “Dr. H. H. Holmes and the Whitechapel Ripper”, author Dance Ladwig determines the famous serial killer doctor Dr. Henry Holmes as Jack the Ripper, who had also allegedly murdered more than 200 people in Chicago during 1893. This is due to how the he doctor was confirmed to be visiting London during the Whitechapel murders.

Carl Feigenbaum
Former murder squad detective Trevor Marriott believed a German merchant by the name of Carl Feigenbaum was a top suspect, confirmed by reports of his desire to mutilate women and a skillset do so. Feigenbaum had an indepth anatomical knowledge, with his lawyer William Lawton telling the press that Feigenbaum’s desire to murder was a key reason why he believed he was Jack the Ripper after Feigenbeaum was executed by electric chair in 1894 after he murdered his landlady.

Lizzie Williams
Unhappy wife of a Royal gynaecologist, author John Morris argues that she possessed enough surgical knowledge from her husband’s profession to carry out the murders herself. Morris’ research was also verified by an Australian scientist’s findings who constructed a partial DNA profile of the Ripper and suggested that the killer may have been a woman.

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