Over 130 years later since the events that shook the West End, countless names have been listed as a potential Jack the Ripper suspect. Everyone has opinions on who brought terror and fear to Whitechapel, with the police, Ripperologists and the general public offering views regarding who the notorious serial killer really was.

To this day, people are still asking “Who was Jack the Ripper?”. The police have interviewed 8,000 people, shortlisted over 300 suspects in one of the largest criminal manhunts in British history. Historians have narrowed it down to five most likely candidates, but none can specifically name the killer. But does the public favour one specific name?

We have decided to provide an opportunity for the public to voice their opinions on who Jack the Ripper was by creating this poll. Do you have one strong belief in a candidate? Vote below to see if anyone names your suspect and who the people favour overall.

How the Poll Works?

From the options provided below, click your preferred suspect. Only one vote will be counted.

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