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PRISONER 4374 – By A.J. Griffiths-Jones


This short Jack The Ripper suspect book is written from the perspective of Dr Thomas Niell Cream. Better known as the ‘Lambeth Poisoner,’ Cream’s taste for murdering prostitutes in Victorian London has earned him a place on the Jack the Ripper suspect list. Even despite being incarcerated in Illinois at the time of the murders questions are still being raised as to whether or not Cream could have been Jack The Ripper. Did he escape prison? Did he leave a doppelganger in his place? Find out this, and more in this passionately written and well-researched book, by author AJ Griffiths.

Voted Jack The Ripper Book of the year at the Jack The Ripper Crime Conference 2015

Author: A.J. Griffiths-Jones
Pages: 113 pages
Type: Paperback


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